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3-in-1 Tracking Alarm for R/C Airplane / Helicopter / Multi-rotors

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Working voltage range: 5.2~26V DC, 2~6Cells LiPo

Static power consumption: 10mA

Max. working current: 120mA (LED strobe and buzzing)

Input voltage cut-off setting: 3.4~3.7V/cell (Red LED indication)

Dual buzzer: 85dB+85dB

Ultra light blue 5050 LED, 20lm, 0.2W

Electric display function (F1)

Can monitor 2~6S LiPo realtime total voltage in using, once the voltage drop to the setting cutoff value, will trigger alarm prompt. Voltage cutoff value range: 3.4V~3.7V/Cell

When connecting LiPo battery, if ther battery pack's total voltage under following range, 3-in-1 auto judge unit number of battery pack.

7.4~8.6V: 2cells LiPo

11.1~12.9V: 3cells LiPo

14.8~17.2V: 4cells LiPo

18.5~21.5V: 5cells LiPo

22.2~25.8V: 6cells LiPo

Tracker function (F2)

Only need to insert Y cable of 3-in-1 into receiver's AUX channel (like gear)

In spite of rocking channel switch to any direction, the buzzer will "BeBeBeBeBe", and the  blue LED flicker.

Out of control alarm (F3)

First, open the transmitter, connect Y cable to receiver's gas channel, then receiver power on, this function is passive alarm. When receiver under power-up state, it will auto trigger alarm under the following situations: first turn off transmitter and don't turn on within 1 minutes, receiver do not receive signal and trigger alarm.

Tranmitter turn on, no signal changing and without rocking action within 1 minutes, it will trigger alarm.

Alarm prompt continuous"BeBe…BeBe…BeBe…", and with Blue LED flicker.

After trigger alarm, if receiver accept signal changing, alarm will auto disappear.

Color: Blue + Black + Multi-Colored
Material: PCB
Quantity: 1Set

Compatible Model: Airplane, Helicopter, multi-rotors, etc.

Other Features
Other Features: Using manual:

Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions: 1.46 in x 0.83 in x 0.35 in (3.7 cm x 2.1 cm x 0.9 cm)
Weight: 0.25 oz (7 g)

Packing List

1 x Alarm (19.5cm±2cm)
1 x Connection cable (23.5cm±2cm)
1 x Chinese / English manual

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