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8Bitdo SFC30 Bluetooth Wireless Controller Gamepad for IOS & Android & Windows - Grey

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- Mode 1 for Android; iCade mode for MAME4ALL arcade emulator;

- Mode 3 for iOS;

- Mode 4 is for playing touch screen games, not for physical buttons games.

- Turn off: Press START and hold for 3s until the light is turned off;

- Clear pairing information: If it is not 0000 pairing code, press and hold SELECT for 3s to clear the last pairing information and then pair again.

(Note: Make sure the gamepad is full of power; Otherwise, Bluetooth would probably pair unsuccessfully; USB cable for charging.)

Modes 1/2/3: Bluetooth wireless connection

- Open Bluetooth in mobile device and find 8Bitdo FC30 GamePad to connect;

- Enter emulator games or the games supporting keyboard and joystick operation and then set key mapping. That is OK.

Mode 4: Bluetooth wireless connection simulating touch screen mode

- Android / iOS: Android needs ROOT, iOS needs jail-breaking;

- Download FC30 client from fc30 website (iOS user can add app.fc30 website source in Cydia, more convenient to install) Execute FC30; - - Click button to open Bluetooth (iOS user needs to close system Bluetooth firstly), software will search Bluetooth device automatically; - Find 8Bitdo FC30 GamePad and connect;

- Default Bluetooth pairing password: 0000;

- Enter the game, press SELECT+START, interface will display button; Touch and drag button to the corresponding control point; And then press SELECT+START again to finish key mapping.


- Android user: After using mode 4, you need to clear mode 4 pairing information firstly, so that can enter other modes; 

- iOS user: After using mode 4, system Bluetooth can not work; You need to execute FC30 and close Bluetooth; More than 10 seconds later, system Bluetooth recovers.

Mode 5: Windows USB wired connection

- Connect to computer and wait it to automatically recognize USB controller; No need drive;

- Set key mapping in the games you play.

Dual-shock mode:

- iOS/Android/Mac OS/PC: 1P: START+B to enter; 2P: START+B+R to enter; After connect two gamepads to the device, they become Bluetooth keyboard; Then just set key mapping, it is OK.

Wiimote mode:

- After entering Wii main interface, press HOME key;

- Press Y+START on gamepad to enter Wiimote mode;

- Press the red pairing button on the left side of SD slot in Wii; Wait for several seconds, it will automatically recognize the gamepad; And then 1P icon light turns on, which means they have paired successfully; Supports multiple gamepads pairing.

3 gyro operation (analog): shaking, left-leaning, right-leaning

Gyro instruction: L  Left leaning, R  Right-leaning, L+R - Shaking

Gamepad wiimote and real wiimote corresponding keys instruction:

- Direction key - Direction key

- X - B

- Y - One

- A - A

- B - Two

- select - Minus

- start - Plus

Firmware update:

- Press L+R+START and hold for 3s to turn on; Both lights flash, gamepad enters update mode;

- Connect gamepad and computer with USB cable;

- Download FC30 PC update software and execute update.exe;

- Click update button and choose bluetooth_firmware.dat to update.

Gamepad state:

- Blue light flashes: gamepad and mobile phone are disconnected and waiting connecting;

- Blue light steady on: gamepad and mobile phone connect successfully;

- Green light flashes: charging state;

- Green light turns off: fully charged;

- Red light: low battery;

- All lights turn off: gamepad is turned off or it is in sleeping mode.

Hardware reset: press START and hold for more than 12s, gamepad can recover.

Mode 3 is compatible with the web installation version of Happy Chick emulator.

Can play many emulator games even without jail-breaking; Here is the method:

- Log into xiaoji website in iOS device; Download and install emulator;

- Enter gamepad mode 3 (English input); After pairing, you can play games.

Brand: 8Bitdo
Model: SFC30
Quantity: 1Set
Material: Plastic
Color: Grey

Compatible System: PC , iOS , Android
Supported iOS Version: Supports all IOS versions
Jailbreak: No

Other Features
Other Features: Battery capacity: 480mAh

Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions: 5.63 in x 2.48 in x 0.94 in (14.3 cm x 6.3 cm x 2.4 cm)
Weight: 3.21 oz (91 g)

Packing List

1 x Gamepad
1 x USB cable (120+/-2cm)
1 x Key ring
1 x Holder
1 x Chinese & English user manual

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