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BSIDE AST01ER Socket Tester GFCI Outlet Tester Automatic Electric Circuit Polarity Voltage Detector Wall Plug Breaker Finder

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OTHER FEATURES Plug Standard: US Plug Nominal voltage Un= 90-120V
(AC) 50-60HZ Rated residual operating current: 5mA Earth resistance
meet the standard

CERTIFICATION GFCI Test Button: This multi-function tester checks
the European country power outlet for correct wiring and GFCI
tripping. It tests your protection system to ensure home electrical
safety. It is best to protect your safety against electric shock.
Bright LED display: The back of the device itself is marked with a
bright pattern. In strong sunlight, the green LED lights up clearly.
The tester has a built-in light source built in, so it can also be
used in the dark. It allows you to read quickly. Easy to use: It has a
large easy to read fault chart. Includes 7 different patterns for you
to read: correct, open the ground, open neutral, Live / neu reversal,
Live / GRD Reverse, Live Open, Live Ground Reverse ground. Make it
clear that you can quickly understand and use it. Wide range of
applications: Meet CE, FCC, RoHS safety standards. As a universal
measurement tool, it is widely used in schools, laboratories,
factories and other social fields. It saves you a lot of time to
diagnose socket issues. Easy to carry: lightweight (1.8 ounces) and
convenient size (2.0 "x2.0" x 2.2") for easy carrying and storage.
With three indicators and detailed explanations, it is easy for a new
user. Any user can quickly identify which of 3 LED lights indicate
which wiring conditions Impact-resistant ABS housing makes the product
more durable and prevents damage to the product If you press a button
to control, the meter can be connected to the positive and negative
poles as required, and the home power protection system is working
properly to test the socket quickly to ensure the electrical safety of
the home The tester has a built-in light source built in, so it can
also be used in the dark

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