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KWEN CN-SJ1 Macro Extension Tube Set for Canon - Black

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1. Macro extension tube set includes 3 tubes of different lengths: 13mm, 21mm and 31mm. Use them individually or in combinations.

2. These extension tube can compatible with TTL, AE and AF, AF mode can compatible with Canon, Minolta AF and Canon AF function, also can compatible with Minolta Xi series lens to realize electric zoom.                                                      

3.Macro extension tube is mounted in between the camera body and lens, close-up principle is the same with Lensbaby. The 35mm lens camera can compatible with extension tube 7mm, 14mm and 25mm, they can be used individually or in any combination to obtain the desired magnification.                     4.The same disadvantages of extension tubes and bellows: focusing process is difficult as for the short scenery distance; The flux of the lens will be affected.

5. For example: lens focal length 50mm focus distance to infinity - 0.6mm. The scene within 0.6 M can't shoot, According to the different combination of three connecting link, and can realize different magnification. Take the F=50mm for example, close-up connect ring combination than as the adjusting range (approximate)  1:0.20~1:0.34 1 1:0.34~1:0.48 2 1:0.48~1:0.62 1+2 1:0.62~1:0.76 3 1:0.76~1:0.90 1+3 1:0.90~1:1.04 2+3 1:1.04~1:1.18 1+2+3 1:1.18~1:1.32. 

Brand: KWEN
Model: CN-SJ1
Color: Black
Material: Plastic + iron
Quantity: 1Piece

Compatible Brand: Canon
Compatible Models: All Canon cameras
Lens Diameter: 77mm

Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions: 3.23 in x 2.68 in x 2.68 in (8.2 cm x 6.8 cm x 6.8 cm)
Weight: 4.13 oz (117 g)

Packing List

1 x Extension tube 1 x English user manual 1 x Pouch

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