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RobotBase RB-13K022 Electronic Start Building Blocks Kit (Works with Official Arduino Boards)

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If you've ever wanted to dive into the electronics world but were afraid to try, then this is the perfect kit for you. A fun, beginner's kit, it includes a fully illustrated guide that will familiarize you with a wide range of electronic components while you create small, simple, and easy-to-assemble circuits. Arduino electronic start suite is designed for people who do not major in electron but are quite interested in electronic products. It includes big button module, adjustable potentiometer, light sensor, LM35 temperature sensor, flame sensor, buzzer module, digital magnetic sensor etc., which takes stepwise learning as from simple to complex in to consideration. As a result, you can make simple electronic experiment yourself, and it can increase your interest, enhance your knowledge, and cultivate your attitude.

There is no need to weld these parts, and you can just play it as you play building blocks. It is environmental friendly and avoids wasting material for starters. Besides, the linking lines is made according to standard that can be clearly recognized, Red line is positive power supply, black line is negative power supply, the yellow or white line is signal line, it is not easy for you to make mistake.

Brand: RobotBase
Model: RB-13K022
Quantity: 1Piece
Color: Deep Blue + Multi-color
Material: Electronic board

English Manual / Spec: No

Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions: 1.5 in x 0.79 in x 0.59 in (3.8 cm x 2 cm x 1.5 cm)
Weight: 0.29 oz (8.2 g)

Packing List

1 x Digital magnetic sensor
1 x Light sensor
1 x Digital push button
1 x Blue gigital virbration sensor
1 x Green digital tilt sensor
1 x Analog rotation sensor
1 x Buzzer module
1 x Relay module
1 x Flame Sensor
1 x LM35 Temperature Sensor
10 x 3P jump wires for sensors (20cm)
1 x Kit box

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