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UDB1005 DDS Signal Source Module - Green

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MaterialPCB + plastic + iron

FeaturesDDS signal source module

SpecificationBasic technology data Signal output function Output waveforms Sine wave,Square wave, Triangle wave Output amplitude 9Vp-p(signal output ,no load) Output impedance 50±10% DC offset ±2.5V(no load) Display LCD1602 Frequency range 0.01Hz~2MHz(UDB1002S) 0.01Hz~5MHz(UDB1005S) 0.01Hz~8MHz(UDB1008S) Frequency resolution 0.01Hz(10mHz) Frequency Stability ±1×106 Frequency accuracy ±5×106 Sine wave distortion 0.8% (reference frequency is 1kHz) Trinagle wave linearity 98% (0.01Hz~10kHz) Rise and fall time of square wave 100ns Square wave duty range 1%~99% TTL output function Frequency range 0.01Hz~2MHz(UDB1002S ) 0.01Hz ~5MHz(UDB1005S) 0.01Hz ~8MHz(UDB1008S) Amplitude >3Vp-p Fan out coefficient >20 TTL Load COUNTER function Counter range 0~4294967295 Frequency measurement range 1Hz~60MHz Input voltage range 0.5Vp-p~20Vp-p SWEEP function Frequency range fM1~fM2(frequency can be freely set) Input voltage range 0.5Vp-p~20Vp-p Other functions Save and load parameter M0~M9(M0:default load)

ApplicationDIY project

English Manual/SpecHave

OtherSignal output function; Output waveforms sine wave, square wave, triangle wave; Output amplitude: 9Vp-p (signal output, no load); Output impedance: 50 +/- 10%; DC offset +/- 2.5V (no load); Display: LCD 1602; Frequency range: 0.01Hz~2MHz (UDB1002S), 0.01Hz~5MHz (UDB1005S), 0.01Hz~8MHz (UDB1008S); Frequency resolution: 0.01Hz (10MHz); Frequency stability +/- 1 x 10-6; Frequency accuracy: +/- 5 x 10-6; Sine wave distortion: =98% (0.01Hz~10KHz); Rise and fall time of square wave 100ns; Square wave duty range: 1%~99%; TTL output function; Frequency range: 0.01Hz~2MHz (UDB1002S); 0.01Hz~5MHz (UDB1005S); 0.01Hz~8MHz (UDB1008S); Amplitude >3Vp-p; Fan out coefficient >20 TTL Load; COUNTER function: Counter range: 0~4294967295; Frequency measurement range: 1Hz~60MHz; Input voltage range: 0.5Vp-p~20Vp-p; SWEEP function; Frequency range fM1~fM2 (frequency can be freely set); Input voltage range: 0.5Vp-p~20Vp-p; Other functions: Save and load parameter M0~M9 (M0: default load)

Packing List1 x DDS signal source module1 x DC 5V power (100cm-cable)

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